Centimeter wide

The S55 spray robot is designed with your comfort in mind! With its low weight of just 200 kg and a width of only 30 cm, this is a very maneuverable robot that can be put to use on a vast range of crops. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, we have been able to develop a slim robot with a reel capacity of up to 200 meters. As the system uses a thinner hose, less water is used and twice as many robots can be connected to the same pump.

The S55 is a highly maneuverable robot with a unique rotatable boom that can be used on a vast range of crops.

The rotatable spray boom is unique, and allows for crops to be sprayed more intensively on either side of the path. You can set how often the boom swings back and forth once the robot reaches the end of the path, resulting in excellent coverage results near the walls of your greenhouse.

With its push bar, wheels and low weight, it couldn’t be easier to move this robot through your greenhouse and between different paths — something your employees will genuinely appreciate. The motors and wheels used in the robot make it extremely efficient in terms of power consumption, meaning many hectares can be sprayed on just one battery charge.

The S55 is available as a semi-automated system, as well as in a fully automated version.

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