S55 foam disinfector

Centimeter wide

In just a matter of minutes, our S55 Spray Robot can be converted to dispense a disinfecting foam treatment in your greenhouse. As a result, this mobile spray robot also offers a solution for combating stubborn viruses while you are rotating crops.

Disinfecting foam treatment for your greenhouse

This modification for our S55 Spray Robot was developed in cooperation with Menno Chemie Vertrieb, a German firm well known for its successful treatment of viruses.

To offer this solution, our S55 Airmixer is equipped with an extra hose reel for high pressure air fitted above the hose reel for water. This adds about 20 cm to the robot’s with, but on the upside, you can now use the same robot for two different applications.

The foam disinfector modification is optional. It can easily be removed, so that you can use the robot for normal crop spraying.

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