S55 Dosatron

Centimeter width

Our S55 spray robot is also available in a Dosatron version. Dosatron is a water-driven dosing pump that is capable of controlling crop protection product dosing with high accuracy. The water pressure acts as the sole driving force for the engine piston. This in turn drives a dosing piston that takes in the crop protection product according to the set percentage, before mixing it with the water that flows through the pump.

S55 spray robot with water-driven proportional dosing pump

The amount of crop protection product dispensed by the dosing pump always remains proportional to the amount of water passing through the Dosatron, even in case of any fluctuations in the water pressure or flow. This makes the Dosatron dosing pump one of the most accurate dosing pumps on the market.

The robot uses clean water, meaning no residual liquid remains in your spray cart and/or hoses. The tank can easily be removed for changing or cleaning.

The Dosatron and tank are fitted to the front of the machine, between the spray boom and the robot, meaning out robot is still only 30 centimeters wide!

The Dosatron is also available for the current S55 — this solution can easily be retrofitted to any S55 robots you already have.

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