Centimeter wide

The S55 Airmixer is a spray robot equipped with a combined air/liquid spray mast. In this Airmixer spray mast, air and liquid are mixed under pressure in special mixing chambers Ito generate an extremely strong mist that penetrates deeply into the crop. To supply the spray robot with air, it comes with an extra reel fitted on top of the reel used to supply liquid. As a result, the robot is a little taller than the standard S55.

Even so, the robot is still just as narrow (30 cm), and its sides are still just as smooth.

The Airmixer generates an extremely powerful mist that penetrates deep into the crop for optimal control, with minimal air movement.

Combined air-liquid spray technology is often used on crops that are more “difficult” to spray, such as roses or gerbera.

This technology should not be confused with air-assisted spraying: the crucial difference is that in the Airmixer, the air is mixed with the liquid before it leaves the nozzle, creating a powerful, targeted mist. By adding air pressure to the liquid pressure, the system is able to generate high drop speeds even at a relatively low liquid pressure (kinetic energy), which enables the drops to move through the crop without too much air movement.

In air-assisted spraying, on the other hand, a flow or air boosts the mist.

Benefits of air/liquid spray technology (Airmixer):

  • very strong penetration in the crop;
  • drop size and liquid dose are infinitely adjustable;
  • very effective crop protection;
  • spray less often
  • uses less crop protection product

During the development of the S55 Airmixer,
we specifically focused on keeping the system lightweight
and affordable.

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