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In greenhouses without a pipe rail system, for crops with dense foliage, or for tabletop cultivation — in any situation where a spray robot is unsuitable, in other words — our LVM system might just be the solution you were looking for! LVM stands for ‘low volume mist’, and the extremely fine mist produced by this system allows you to treat large spaces.

Fully automated misting!

Fully automated misting!
A microprocessor allows you to program Wanjet F30 in such a way that you can leave it to do its thing without having to keep an eye on it. Misting can be set to start at any hour, and the machine can work uninterrupted for a 24-hour period.

Mixing system:
Once the LVM F30 has been configured and a solution has been added to the storage tank, the mixing system kicks into action to keep the solution homogeneous. The mixing system remains active throughout the entire misting period.

Once the preset time has come, the fan starts to spin to generate the necessary air circulation in the space to be treated.

Once pre-ventilation is complete, the misting process starts, and the machine will keep misting until its storage tank is empty. This process is controlled by a sensor in the storage tank.

Automatic cleaning
Once the misting process is complete, the water in the clean water tank is pumped into the storage tank. Next, the clean water is circulated through the machine in such a way that the tank, hoses and nozzles are cleaned.

To guarantee proper distribution of the active substances to be sprayed right up to the end of the program, the final program element consists of a period of post-ventilation to ensure air continues to be circulated. Only when this process is complete does the machine stop all functions, leaving it ready to start all over again.

High performance and reliability


Just like the LVM F23, the F30 is also designed especially to treat large surface areas. The design of the fan housing has come about following extensive aerodynamics research. The creation of a special shape on the air supply side together with the conical form of the front side results in a design that is capable of generating a highly powerful flow of air. When designing this machine, we carefully factored in the maintenance element, meaning there is little or nothing you need to do to keep the technical parts and structures in top condition.

All elements that may come into contact with aggressive or other chemicals are made of high-quality plastics and stainless steel. Zinc coating and stainless steel have been incorporated in the chassis to prevent any corrosion.

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Mist capacity0-8,5 l/h0-8,5 l/h0-8,5 l/h
Range60 m60 m60 m
Tank capacity12 liters12 liters12 liters
Mixing sytemMotorMotor
Fan capacity5400 m3/h 5400 m3/h2x 5400m3/h
Fan motor power370 W 370 W2x 370 W
Blower power1000 W1000 W2x 1000 W
Adjustable height140-190 cm140-190cm140- 190 cm
Dimensions cm130x70x165130x70x1652 dozen 110x60x88
Weight42 kg42 kg34 kg

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