Low Volume Mist

meter range
1000 m2
coverage with auxiliary fans

Looking for a low-maintenance and fault-free LVM system with maximum performance?

Allow us to introduce you to the unique and durable features of our Wanjet LVM!

  • Minimal risk of blockages
  • The smallest spray tip opening is just 4 mm!

Low-maintenance and fault-free LVM with maximum performance

Maximum performance

  • The special design of the spray tip produces a fine mist
  • The aerodynamic fan housing offers a vast range
  • The straight air flow generated by the fan housing reduces the risk of burn damage to the leaves
  • TThe large hose and needle size allows you to use thicker spray liquids (organic)
  • Long lifespan (many satisfied customers)
  • 15 years of experience
  • Unique liquid sensor determines how long the fan continues to operate

Low maintenance

  • The Wanjet only has one crucial seal, which greatly reduces the risk of faults
  • The spray tip can easily be opened and cleaned
  • No need for an air compressor
  • F23
  • Popular
  • F40
Mist capacity0-8,5 l/h0-8,5 l/h0-8,5 l/h
Range60 m60 m60 m
Tank capacity12 liters12 liters12 liters
Mixing sytemMotorMotor
Fan capacity5400 m3/h 5400 m3/h2x 5400m3/h
Fan motor power370 W 370 W2x 370 W
Blower power1000 W1000 W2x 1000 W
Adjustable height140-190 cm140-190cm140- 190 cm
Dimensions cm130x70x165130x70x1652 dozen 110x60x88
Weight42 kg42 kg34 kg

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