Holland Green Machine

Greenhouse Equipment

We supply a range of spraying technology for the greenhouse horticulture sector.

Tomato | Cucumber | Bell pepper

For tall crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers or bell peppers, our S55 spray robot can be equipped with a spray boom up to a height of five meters.

Tree nurseries

For outdoor cultivation of potted plants and/or tree nurseries, our S55 spray robot can be equipped with a horizontal spray boom measuring up to 11 meters — and even wider booms are available too.


Whether you are growing crops with dense foliage, fragile flowers or narrow paths, our spray robot, Airmixer or LVM systems mean we always have the perfect solution available for you.

Controlling pests in a crop is all about using crop protection products at just the right time and making sure all of your produce is covered.

It goes without saying that in doing so, you wish to make optimal use of your protection products, water, electricity and labor. These basic principles are the starting point for the spraying technology developed by Holland Green Machine.

We supply various types of spraying technology for greenhouse horticulture

– Spray robot for pipe rail systems

– Spray robot for outdoor cultivation with trolley-track rail systems

– LVM systems

– Electric hose reel

– Spray carts

– Creative spraying solutions tailored to your crop